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Beautiful Jaimalas To Accentuate Your Jaimala Ceremony
Mangrove matching jaimala
Mangrove Exotic or matching
Mangrove Embellished varmalas
Mangrove Embellished Jaimala Theme
Mangrove Randery-poojavinaywed

The ‘Jaimala’ Ceremony is a small but significant part of the Indian wedding tradition. This wonderful ritual can be traced back to the ancient era, where the Vedic Literature has described this sacred ceremony, in detail. It involves the exchange of garlands or ‘jaimalas’ (also known as ‘varmalas’) between the bride and groom and symbolizes the beginning of their journey together, as life-partners. This ceremony marks their first step towards entering this new and different phase of life. It is a moment that stays close to their hearts; one that they remember throughout their lives.


While everything is taking a turn towards change in the wedding tradition,  One of these changes include the usage of semi precious stones, the ‘varmalas’ too, aren’t falling behind. From their shape to their design, every aspect has undergone change, beads or pearls in the design of the ‘varmala’. This creative incorporation has totally transformed the look of the ‘varmalas’, thus, giving them a royal appeal. These charming ‘varmalas’ are something that you must not miss.